A Free Method to Mask the Ringing in Your Ears

Tinnitus can be highly annoying especially when you’re trying to work or sleep at night. The constant ringing in your ears can drive you batty for sure, but there is one simple solution to it, albeit not the cure that I suggest you look into here.

Sound Masking can be effective in drowning out sounds you hear in your head whether your ringing is high pitched or even a drumming sound. There are various sound effects to mimic many different colors of noise. Pink noise, White noise, a virtual shower running or even an oscillating fan. These sounds can be played on your iPad, computer or MP3 player and allow you to get the work done you need to do. Check out the free sounds here.

As I stated above, all of the sounds can be downloaded for free, but note that the website offers a higher quality version of the sound files for pay. I listened to the various sounds to help me mask my ringing in ears while I lay in bed trying to sleep and the free versions were good enough. I suppose if you are cursed with being a sound critic, you may wish to throw some bucks at the for-pay upgrade, but it’s really not necessary for most folks.

Go ahead and give these ambient and machine sounds a try. The side affect is pleasant relaxation and they are really pretty effective in masking the sounds that define your Tinnitus.

If like me, your goal is not to mask, but to end Tinnitus entirely, then you should do what I did and check out this website. They have a cure that they guarantee will end your Tinnitus and it worked for me. Get the Tinnitus cure here.


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