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The “Miracle” Tinnitus Cure

Countless thousands of Tinnitus sufferers have found peaceful quiet between their ears by following the suggestions and plans that have been documented in the Tinnitus Miracle.

Many others have found my YouTube videos displaying cerebral cortex thumping and simple circular head rotations to be their ultimate solution.

For those who may not be fortunate enough to find quiet with the video techniques shown below, there is a new player in the market and he is quickly gaining steam as a provider of remedy and not gimmickery. He offers a respectful and trustworthy program here.

This is a pretty in-depth program as it dives into many different realms and includes relaxation techniques and lots of self-assessments.

His program has proven to be highly successful. Take a look at the offering here.

A Free Method to Mask the Ringing in Your Ears

Tinnitus can be highly annoying especially when you’re trying to work or sleep at night. The constant ringing in your ears can drive you batty for sure, but there is one simple solution to it, albeit not the cure that I suggest you look into here.

Sound Masking can be effective in drowning out sounds you hear in your head whether your ringing is high pitched or even a drumming sound. There are various sound effects to mimic many different colors of noise. Pink noise, White noise, a virtual shower running or even an oscillating fan. These sounds can be played on your iPad, computer or MP3 player and allow you to get the work done you need to do. Check out the free sounds here.

As I stated above, all of the sounds can be downloaded for free, but note that the website offers a higher quality version of the sound files for pay. I listened to the various sounds to help me mask my ringing in ears while I lay in bed trying to sleep and the free versions were good enough. I suppose if you are cursed with being a sound critic, you may wish to throw some bucks at the for-pay upgrade, but it’s really not necessary for most folks.

Go ahead and give these ambient and machine sounds a try. The side affect is pleasant relaxation and they are really pretty effective in masking the sounds that define your Tinnitus.

If like me, your goal is not to mask, but to end Tinnitus entirely, then you should do what I did and check out this website. They have a cure that they guarantee will end your Tinnitus and it worked for me. Get the Tinnitus cure here.


Stop The Ringing in Ears. When All Else Fails…

Tinnitus is a condition where one hears a consistent sound like a hissing, buzzing, clicking or ringing in ears. Statistics show that 1 in 7 Americans suffer from this condition, so it is clear that you are not alone. Over 50 Millions Americans admit they hear this sound in their ears on a continual basis.  If you are amongst those experiencing Tinnitus, then you already know how much of a nuisance it is. I had a very loud ringing in my ears that just wouldn’t go away. The exercises I show below were super helpful in managing the sounds, but ultimately I had to take the next step to pull the plug on the ringing in ears. But read on to get more information on the condition…

Potential Causes of Tinnitus

The ringing in your ears isn’t life threatening, but for many it can be highly debilitating. Under a normal and healthy state, the hair follicles deep inside your ear decode and transmit sound vibrations to your brain. If your ears or the hair follicles inside your ears are damaged in any way, the sounds become “noisy”, causing the ringing, clicking or hissing. The sounds can be very low in volume which indicates perhaps the onset of Tinnitus or just a mild condition. But for me and many others, the sounds are much louder and can be heard even with higher ambient noises present.
Several factors can contribute to the cause of this ringing in your ears. They are:

  • Excessive earwax build-up
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Ear fluid build-up
  • Damage to the eardrum
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Past Head or neck injuries

Health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid problems can also cause tinnitus.

How to Treat Tinnitus When All Else Fails

There is no silver-bullet cure for Tinnitus that works for everyone, but there are a lot of people and Forums on the internet where you can go to get good information and help from others who have cured their own Tinnitus. The useful exercises that I’ve taught to you below can be your ticket to silence and be the answer to your prayers to get on with your life without the ringing -they worked incredibly well for me!
But months later, either because of my iPod use or just the normal loud sounds of life, my Tinnitus started to return. I wasn’t going to allow that ringing noise back into my life…not for a second…so I got back to business to find out how others had found long term success. And after many hours of research and Forum investigating, I found what others said did not exist (including myself), a true Tinnitus miracle.

All I can say is that my Tinnitus is gone as a result of this information and has stayed gone. The title of the solution says it all and gets my 5 Star Approval. You HAVE to give it a shot if you’re tired of the ringing in YOUR ears. Don’t live with it another minute.


Ring in Ears Tinnitus Miracle Exercise

I promised to post my favorite exercise to help you get rid of your Tinnitus. This one was shown to me by a doctor friend and provides immediate results…a quieter head.

I was told to do it 40 times, several times a day. The key is to thump the base of your head while holding your hands firmly over your ears. I’m actually applying firm pressure to my ears with my cupped hands and then snapping my fingers onto the back on my neck, lower head. A LOT of people have attributed this exercise to immediately stopping the ringing in their ears.

Give it a try and let me know in the comments if it provides relief for you.

Tinnitus Treatment for Ring in Ears

If you suffer from a ringing in your ears, I don’t have to tell you how annoying it can be. And the odds of you have Tinnitus (as it is called medically) is actually pretty high. Statistics show that 1 in every 22 people suffer from some degree of a ringing in their ears…that’s 22 million Americans.

This ringing can manifest itself in a lot of different ways. Many people hear a high pitched whining noise or whistle while others may hear buzzing like a saw. For others, the sounds are clicks or clicking and many also complain of a humming sound. No matter what form the sound is, it can be extremely irritating and most doctors, because of the commonality of it, just tell you to get used to it or listen to background music or a sound machine to help mask or drown out the noise in your head.

I have conducted many hours of research online (as a sufferer of Tinnitus myself) and found that there’s tons of garbage and huksters trying to act like they have a solution, only to direct you to some lame affiliate link where they try to pick your pocket…not literally, of course, but the solution comes in the form of an eBook or something like that.

Now I’m all for paying for good information, but everything i’ve ever come across so far has been garbage. Until I found a site that actually provided suggested exercises to help rid you of the ringing. The website just explained how to do these exercises, but I felt it would be better to actually demonstrate what they are in order to make sure you do them correctly. They work for me and the ringing in my ears has hushed to a whisper.

I’m confident that in time, as I continue to do these exercise, my Tinnitus will be gone forever…or at least until my next Twisted Sister concert…kidding ; )

Here are the things you should note while watching this video:

  1. Make all head movements slow and deliberate.
  2. Rotations of the head should be large and exaggerated…but slow.
  3. head tilts (forward and sideways) should be to full range of motion.
  4. Do each rotation a total of 10 times. For example, 10 times rotating to the left, then 10 times rotating to the right. Same for other exercise.
  5. Repeat the exercises 2-3 times a day.


My attribute my Tinnitus to a hard blow to the back of my head after a snowboard crash…no helmet. I hit the back of my head so hard that I was certain I had cracked my head open. I grabbed my head as I slowly got to my feet and was amazed there was no blood. I’m sure I received a concussion that day, but never had it looked at. That was when I was thirty years old. Around the age of 47 I started hearing the ringing and it got to a level where I heard it all the time.
This exercise, along with an even better one that I’m making a new video for (I’ll post it asap), helped me severely reduce my Tinnitus ringing in my ears. I think it will help you immensely too.
For the record, I DID buy a few products that turned out to be worthwhile, but I didn’t want to be a referral here for a “pay” product.


If you get relief from your ringing in ears from my videos, be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to know I helped someone!


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